Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

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Hebrew - The Language of Life

The Hebrew language has been with us for so many years. Our Biblical heroes have spoken it, great poets have used it in describing their yearning to return to the Holy land and Zionists have built an entire country on the foundations of this beautiful language. 

Modern or Biblical?

The table below presents eTeacher’s Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew courses. Check it out and choose the right Hebrew course for you.

Biblical Hebrew course Course Modern Hebrew course
A deeper understanding of the scriptures through the original language. Why learn? The ability to communicate with the Israeli people and feel at home in Israel
Basic understanding of the Bible Previous knowledge No previous background is required
Class presentations, translated texts, recordings and assignments. Study materials Class presentations, texts, dialogues, lexicons and assignments. 
Second language: Hebrew taught in student's language Language used in class Acquisition method: Hebrew taught in Hebrew
Analytical skills for the interpretation of the Scriptures. Acquired skills Language skills for live/cultural and literary communication.

Learn Hebrew Online

So Modern Hebrew or Biblical Hebrew? Are you learning Hebrew to communicate better with your Israeli cousin? To lead business conversation with Israelis? To lead a full conversation on Shabbat dinner? Or do you feel the desire to discover the Scriptures in their original meanings? Get closer to the ancient and magical land of Israel? 
Fill in the form on the right and let us know what Hebrew language is your Hebrew language. Soon, an academic advisor will contact you and find the right Hebrew course for you!