What is Amen?

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Amen: an extraordinary word

Amen is the Bible’s supreme expression of assent. By saying amen, we mean much more than simple agreement. It is a remarkable word because it allows us to succinctly articulate “Praise the Lord” and “I agree”. For example, Jeremiah agrees with the words of Hananiah, a fellow prophet, by saying: “Amen! May the Lord do so; may the Lord fulfill the words that you have prophesied” (Jer. 28:6).

The true significance of amen

This powerful word comes from the Hebrew root אמן (a-m-n) that is also related to the word אֱמוּנָה (emunah) which means “faith”. Interestingly, Amen is classified as an adjective which describes states and moods. This word is not another "Yes" or "No". When a person says Amen, they commit themselves to a state of conscious agreement, judgement and faith. In the Bible, having faith is not just a question of being spiritually awake, but of being firmly committed to one’s religious identity. 

Say Amen to Hebrew

It is not surprising at all that the word Amen was not translated to most languages and was simply kept in its original Hebrew form. Some words and meanings cannot be detached from the Hebrew language. Today you have an opportunity to begin your own Hebrew Journey. Enroll in eTeacher's online Hebrew course, taught live by the best Israeli teachers, and open yourself up to new horizons of meaning.