Adam & Adamah

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A man working the ground

The ground we are walking on and mankind were bonded together at the time of creation. The role given to Adam by God is clear - he is to rule God’s creation, by working the ground. “Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground” (Genesis 2:7). If we read this verse in English, it seems as just another biblical statement. However, the original Hebrew words reveal an entirely new view on this matter.  

The meaning of Adam

The name of the first man exhibits perfectly the power of the Hebrew language. The name of Adam אָדָם- (pronounced: adam) in Hebrew is related to two other Hebrew words: דַּם (dam) “blood” and אֲדָמָה (adamah) “earth/ground”. This linguistic relation shows us that the basic meaning of Adam was associated with both “blood” and “ground”. The connection these words and the meaning of it is understood only if we read the text in Hebrew. 

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